NASA GLOBE Clouds Quarterly Update

September, October, November

The NASA GLOBE Clouds Quarterly Update is available for September/October/November 2022!

Match to a Million Satellite Matches Celebration
Thanks to you, The GLOBE Program has reached one million satellite observations matched to your cloud reports! Share in the celebration and thank you videos made just for you.

GLOBE Clouds New Satellite Matching: NOAA-20
The NASA GLOBE Clouds team will soon be adding NOAA-20 to our satellite matching capabilities. Learn more about NOAA-20 and updates to the GLOBE Clouds satellite matching schedule.

Meet an Expert: Naudia Graham
Discover how a high school intern used technology and creativity to learn about clouds. Learn how her work advocated for accessibility too!

Science Topic: The Good and the Bad of Clouds while Looking at Trees with Brian Campbell
This fall, you are invited to participate in the GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate and learn how clouds can be good and bad when measuring trees from space.

Would you like to reach the NASA GLOBE Clouds team? Use our contact page to send us questions or comments. Thank you so much for all your observations!

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The NASA GLOBE Cloud Team

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