By Steven Smith, posted 3/27/18 5:31 PM

How often have we heard our country coordinator say that they need us to submit news? I think just about every meeting we have I hear about it. Jen (the U.S. country coordinator) even has a tag line at the end of her emails with a phone number to submit news. I never submit things to GLOBE news because I don’t feel that I do anything newsworthy. I was talking to some other GLOBE partners and found out that they would like to hear more about how we do some things here at the Purdue GLOBE Partnership. Who would have thought we would have been doing things interesting to others? Well news can...

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By Steven Smith, posted 2/27/18 8:58 PM

Why do we make goals? A goal is what you want to achieve in your program. Knowing what you want to achieve allows you to focus your efforts on accomplishing something. Do you ever feel that your partnership (or other projects) is not really accomplishing anything? Did you sit down and create goals?  If you do not have a goal for your project, often times you end up spinning your wheels because you do not have a set direction on your horizon. We waste time and energy on pointless projects that are not helping us move forward in a chosen direction. Making a reasonable goal can help you...

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By Steven Smith, posted 4/4/17 12:51 AM

I have been focusing my GLOBE efforts on the organizing the Midwest Student Research Symposium. I am very excited that I get to host the event at Purdue University this year.  If you are from the U.S. Midwest please attend our event. Even if you do not have students entering (it’s not too late!) you can see how students are using GLOBE data.   As a U.S. Partner Forum member I have the honor and privilege to be on the GLOBE Strategic Planning Committee. Knowing that GLOBE is an international program is one thing, but to be in the same room as many amazing and diverse persons...

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