Strategic Partnerships

NESEC is working to develop, promote, and facilitate the use of NASA Earth science content through the broad dissemination channels of strategic partners. For example, the team is expanding the participation of key audiences by leveraging partnerships with 4-H and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). 

The team works collaboratively with the GLOBE Program, GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) and GLOBE DIS, and other GLOBE Partner CAN Awards, including GLOBE Mission Earth (University of Toledo), Project AREN (Wayne RESA), and Arctic and Earth SIGNS (University of Alaska, Fairbanks).

External partners also include Odyssey of the Mind, an international creative problem-solving competition, Girl Scouts/SciStarter, Boy Scouts, American Geosciences Institute/Earth Science Week, and collaborations fostered across the NASA SMD collective of education projects and networks.