By FRANCIS WASSWA N NSUBUGA, posted 2/27/20 11:02 AM

Enhancing undergraduate understanding of hydro-climatic studies in the environmental cohort using the GLOBE led inquiry-based learning approach. Teaching practices are context specific, thus we focus this study on enhancing the inquiry-based learning (IBL) in teacher education. The South African physical science curriculum (DBE, 2011b) supports the teaching and learning of science through inquiry and learners are expected to be involved in practical investigations. However, South African preservice teachers who join universities are not confident to implement inquiry approaches when...

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By FRANCIS WASSWA N NSUBUGA, posted 11/21/19 11:38 AM

As the GIO announced a call for nominations for GLOBE working groups, where i happen to have served for the period 2016 - 2019, my seniors at the University asked members of faculty,  to demonstrate how we have contributed towards SDGs for the last 2 years? Suprisingly its the small things i have been doing in GLOBE which have given me mileage over my colleagues. Having been a member of GLOBE since 2006, and serving in different capapcities while being active in GLOBE campaigns and working groups, has made me contribute to SDGs [ 4, 5, 15, 17]. My personal research has enabled me...

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By FRANCIS WASSWA N NSUBUGA, posted 7/3/18 1:48 PM

Hi, every one, you remember that fall where Tony got rescued long ago in his youth? Well we were there and the place is so beautiful and inviting. No wonder the lad had to take a risk and climb it without ropes. It was nice place and the student field task there was exciting. But please take note if you are going to be at the Lower Toc, getting wet is very normal, and not shorts for your sake. Francis

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