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Engaged in the October GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect-Surface Temperature Field Campaign? Read Dr. C’s Latest Blog!

Photo of GLOBE community members participating in the UHIE-Surface Temperature Field Campaign

Are you participating in this month’s Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)-Surface Temperature Field Campaign? If so, you will want to read the latest blog by Dr. Kevin Czajkowsi (Dr. C), “Kicking Off Urban Heat Island Effect Campaign.”

“We are kicking off the Urban Heat Island Effect campaign today with a heat wave in the eastern United States,” Dr. C said in his blog. “Many record temperatures were broken today with highs reaching 32 to 35 C. 53 sites around the world entered data already today, October 1, 2019. You can see that most of the observations were in places of the world where it has been pretty warm. The coolest observation came from Alaska.”

To read the blog, click here.

About the Campaign

The campaign is focused on looking at the impact urbanization has on the Earth’s surface temperature and how the surface temperature changes the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere. The campaign is now studying these impacts in seasons: October, December, and March – during which time participants will collect and submit the following data: cloud data, air temperature, and surface temperature.

Studying the energy cycle is fundamental to understanding how the Earth’s spheres function within its system. The surface temperature measurements contribute data: 1) not normally collected by weather agencies, 2) for climate studies, and 3) for ground-truthing satellite data.

Campaign Webinars

This year, the campaign is hosting a series of webinars. Each of the webinars will feature Dr. Kevin Czajkowski (Dr. C), GLOBE Scientist for the campaign. Each webinar will contain the following: a scientist describing the science content; a teacher providing classroom implementation strategies, and a NASA educator showcasing a NASA resource.

To learn more about the campaign, including about the webinar series, click here.  

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