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Every week, the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) technology team and our technology partners Raytheon Web Services make refinements to improve the functionality of the GLOBE website in order to make your online experience more enjoyable. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for several new features and trainings.

Based on feedback from partners, country coordinators and regional help desk officers, the GLOBE workshop management tool is being modified to better meet the needs of the partner community. It includes:

* Improved interface and tool navigation;  

* Improved export functionality; 

* Improved roster management;

* More powerful and flexible filtering –– including protocol filtering;

* Easily find people trained at your partner organization or school who have been trained at a workshop; and,   

* Easily locate schools having teachers trained at a workshop 

A Workshop Management Users Guide that covers the new features will soon be available on the Community Feedback Forum and on the partners and country coordinators community pages. Additional support for users of the Workshop Management tool will be available through upcoming online training. The dates and times for these trainings will be announced in the News section of the GLOBE website.

The recent 2013 regional meetings have provided valuable feedback about the GLOBE website––including our data entry and visualization systems. GPO wishes to thank you for your excellent suggestions regarding the website and associated tools and plans to incorporate many of your suggestions into future improvements and trainings.

One final note for user of the visualization system: The Atmosphere investigation group Precipitation layers currently show only pH available. GPO will inform you when additional Precipitation layers are available.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office