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GLOBE Thanks Participants of Historic 2020 GLOBE Virtual Annual Meeting

Banner for the 2020 GLOBE Virtual Meeting

The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) would like to thank everyone participating in the 2020 GLOBE Virtual Annual Meeting. Your continued dedicated participation in the program is the key to GLOBE’s enduring educational and scientific success.

"This was the first interactive virtual annual meeting that the GIO organized and hosted,” GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy said  “Over the four days, you all heard updates from GIO, the technology team at SSAI, and the program sponsors. There was also time for reports from the GLOBE Working Groups and the U.S. Partners and Country Coordinators to meet about possible collaboration. Students from the International Virtual Science Symposium also had the opportunity to present their research.”

“This was not how we expected to host the annual meeting this year, especially for the 25th anniversary,” Dr. Murphy said. “However, due to the pandemic, we had to pivot to a virtual meeting from our regular in person event. I want to thank you all for attending all or some of the virtual sessions, and I hope you found them useful. I heard that some of you were up either very early or very late, depending on your time zone, to view the live broadcasts of the sessions...this was quite dedicated of you. Sessions were recorded and will be placed on the GLOBE website. Your level of interest and engagement as a community in the program was clearly visible in that this was the largest annual meeting, with 429 registrants from 72 countries. I commend you for your commitment to the program and, again, I want to thank you for being part of this virtual GLOBE annual meeting.”

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office