Florida OFL Schedule of Activities



Countries: Armenia, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan and the United States

Hosted by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
30 July 2009

Through Ocean for Life, we seek to establish cultural connections that ultimately lead to better understanding and the strengthening of our global relationships. The main themes of Ocean for Life are: a sense of place, interconnectedness, and ocean conservation and stewardship.

A Sense of Place
Developing a sense of place stimulates curiosity about the world and its diverse inhabitants and habitats. Students will explore the fascinating ocean and coastal areas found within the national marine sanctuaries and draw comparisons with their own unique local and regional environments.

Understanding the connections between Earth's physical and human systems is fundamental to comprehending one's own place in the world. Ocean for Life participants will learn about the interconnectedness of the world's ocean and understand that their local actions impact the ocean, no matter where they live.

Ocean Conservation and Stewardship
The context of the National Marine Sanctuary System will be used to raise awareness of the importance of resources in the ocean. Participants will learn about the research, conservation, and stewardship activities being conducted to address the issues threatening ocean health and to protect the resources within it.

Wed., 15 July 2009 — Travel Day for All Participants

Thurs., 16 July 2009 — Students Depart for Florida Keys and Swim Test
Welcome to the Ocean for Life Field Study to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Assign Media Tasks and Interview Techniques. Biscayne National Park Visitor Center, Swim Test, and Field Study Orientation

Fri., 17 July 2009 — Snorkel Lesson and Dolphin Program in Key Largo
Introduction to Cameras (Still—National Geographic / Video—American University's Center for Environmental Film Making, Lagoon Snorkel lesson, Dolphin Research Center, Introduction to Coral Reef Ecosystems and lab on Invertebrate Diversity

Sat., 18 July 2009 — Marine Resources Development Foundation in Key Largo
Field Identification of Reef Fish, GLOBE Program Water Quality Monitoring (Watersheds and Introduction to Equipment and sampling (Secchi disk, refractometer, nisken bottle, dissolved oxygen), Coral reef and wreck snorkel, REEF fish counts, Youth Media Project Work

Sun., 19 July 2009 — Marine Resources Development Foundation in Key Largo
Seagrass Ecology, Damage Assessment and Restoration, Interview Seagrass Scientists for Youth Media Projects, Mangrove ecology, Seagrass and mangrove snorkel, REEF fish counts, GLOBE Monitoring, and Cross-Cultural Sharing Activities

Mon., 20 July 2009 — Marine Resources Development Foundation in Key Largo
History and Technology of Underwater Habitats, Sustainable Fisheries, Fishing, Youth Media Project Work, and Astronomy and Plankton Tows

Tues., 21 July 2009 — Key West Day Trip
NOAA Weather Service Office, Interview Weather Service Meteorologists for Youth Media Projects, Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, and Visit with SCUBAnauts International

Wed., 22 July 2009 — Marine Resources Development Foundation in Key Largo
Maritime Heritage, Coral Restoration, Press event, Photo Camp Project introduction, Youth Media Project, Student Demonstration of water quality equipment at docks, research including REEF fish counts and GLOBE monitoring on reef, Snorkel and photo opportunity, Synthesize REEF Fish Count Data and Final Youth Media Project Presentation

Thurs., 23 July 2009 — Lower Matecumbe Key and Indian Key Historic State Park
Kayak Lesson/Briefing, Exploration, and Youth Media Project Work

Fri., 24 July 2009 — Turtle Hospital in Marathon
Tour of the Turtle Hospital, Visit Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, and Cross-Cultural Sharing Evening Activities

Sat., 25 July 2009 — Service Learning Project and Youth Media Project Presentations
Marine Debris and Plastics, Service Learning Project — Beach Clean-Up, Self-reflection and Evaluation of Entire Field Study of the Florida, Finalize Video Youth Media Project, Final Video Youth Media Project Presentations, Roundtable Discussion: Favorite Memory from Field Study of the Florida Keys

Sun., 26 July 2009 — Travel Day for All Participants
Students Arrive in Washington, D.C.

Mon., 27 July 2009 - Wed., 29 July 2009 — Washington, D.C. Exploration
See the daily updates for the Washington, D.C. activities.

Thurs., 30 July 2009 — Participants Return to their Home Countries

One World, One Ocean
Enhancing Cultural Understanding through Ocean Science