Python Script to download GLOBE clouds data from GLOBE API

Here is a python script to download GLOBE clouds data from the GLOBE API between given start and end dates, and extract observations reporting dust. Dust observations are plotted on a map and as a timeseries. 

Tip: You’ll need the Anaconda distribution installed for the script to work.

When the script runs successfully, you’ll see the following output:

--  Downloading from API...


--  Download successful.  Saved to:

--  sky_conditions_20190701_20190819.json

--  Reading JSON from sky_conditions_20190701_20190819.json...

--  Interpreting file as JSON...

--  Parsing JSON as observations: 100% 11354/11354 [00:00<00:00, 541523.61it/s]

-- Preparing observations: 100% 97/97 [00:00<00:00, 265739.70it/s]