NASA GLOBE Clouds Protocol


GLOBE Cloud Observations Featuring NASA Satellite Comparison

Clouds are powerful agents of global change. They affect the overall temperature or energy balance of the Earth and play a large role in controlling the planet's long-term climate. We need accurate data on clouds to understand their impact over time.

NASA and other space agencies have a number of satellites orbiting the Earth and collecting data about clouds and the Earth’s energy.  While these satellites give us a big picture of what’s going on, they sometimes have trouble with the details. 

We need your help collecting data to better understand the different types of clouds and the effects they have on our Earth’s climate. Satellites only see the top of the clouds while you see the bottom. By putting these two vantage points together we get a much more complete picture of clouds in the atmosphere.

Participate and submit your cloud observations as a GLOBE trained educator or as a citizen scientist through the GLOBE Observer app. Visit “How To Participate” to learn more.



A team at NASA Langley Research Center will compare your observations with satellite data for comparison purposes and will send you an email with the results. This process allows participants to engage in authentic science experiences through NASA missions.

You are an important part of the puzzle, providing a new perspective of the clouds that satellites do not have, looking up. We are excited for you to start collecting data with NASA!