Meet the Team

The Clouds Team at NASA Langley is passionate about clouds and citizen science, and we are glad you found our website! We work on clouds from different perspectives by supporting GLOBE Cloud challenges, working with the data to facilitate research, and connecting with learners of all ages. We provide resources in support of all these activities and are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact the NASA GLOBE Clouds Team

Marilé Colón Robles Marilé Colón Robles, NASA Langley (SSAI) Project scientist for GLOBE Clouds.
Tina Rogerson Tina Rogerson, NASA Langley (SSAI) NASA Scientific Programmer/Analyst. Manages GLOBE cloud data, satellite data, computer systems and satellite match emails.
Angela Rizzi Angela Rizzi, NASA Langley (SSAI) Outreach Coordinator. Supports outreach and challenge efforts and facilitates Subject Matter Expert connections.
Tina Harte Tina Harte, NASA Langley (SSAI) Project manager for GLOBE Clouds. Supports outreach to informal educators, particularly camps.
Jessica Taylor Jessica Taylor, NASA Langley Principal Investigator for GLOBE Clouds.
Rosalba Giarratano Rosalba Giarratano, NASA Langley (SSAI) Outreach Coordinator for GLOBE Clouds
Kevin Ivey

Kevin Ivey, NASA Langley (SSAI) Scientific Programmer/Analyst. Kevin started with GLOBE in 2018 analyzing data discrepancies in GLOBE Clouds observations as a Summer Residential Governor’s School student. He then returned as a NIFS intern working on comparing satellite matches. Currently he is a casual employee working on updating the satellite matching code and finding new sources of satellite data.