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NASA GLOBE Cloud Protocol Satellite Match


​​​​​​​Satellites can only capture a top-down view of our planet. We need your ground observations to complement what the satellite cannot see, for example, cloud bases, ground cover, and multiple cloud layers.




Your Role:

We want to match your ground observations of clouds with Earth observing satellites. Review how to make and submit cloud observations with the cloud protocol or the eTraining slides. Some satellites are always observing the same location of the Earth while others are observing the entire planet. Your location is important to determine when to best make your observations. Visit the Satellite Overpass Schedule to see when to best make your ground observations.

Satellite Match Email:

Observations that coincide with satellite observations will receive a ‘match’ email. The satellite match email summarizes both ground and satellite observations. Ground cloud observations helps NASA better understand satellite data even though they may not agree. Discrepancies should be investigated but do not imply an error on the part of the observer.

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