How to Participate in Cloud Measurements

How to Participate


GLOBE members' observations are very important for scientists studying how cloud cover affects the climate. When members submit frequent measurements over time, their data provides NASA with greater detail on how the climate is changing. To start recording cloud measurements and submitting them to GLOBE, follow the process below:


Step 1

GLOBE welcomes citizen scientists, educators, students, and science, technology, engineering and mathematical professionals to take part in the program's dynamic Earth science research missions and educational campaigns. To create an account, visit our "Get Started Overview"


Step 2

When GLOBE members coordinate their cloud measurements with a NASA satellite passing overhead (+/- 15 minutes), they provide particularly valuable data to atmospheric scientists. Members will also receive a follow-up email from NASA with satellite data so that they can compare their results from measurements taken on the ground with those taken from space.

To find out more about when satellites will pass over a specific location in the next two weeks, see the following resources:


Step 3

For GLOBE Teachers and Students:

  1. Download the Protocol Data Sheet
  2. Submit observations with either the:

For Citizen Scientists:

  • Record and report cloud observations using the GLOBE Observer mobile app.
    • Tip: Measurement reporting on the GLOBE Observer app is also available to GLOBE teachers and students.


Step 4

If a GLOBE member coordinates their cloud observations with an orbiting satellite, NASA will send them a Satellite Match email within one week of their data submission. This email will help the member better understand cloud reporting and how NASA uses their measurements to calibrate the satellite's instrumentation.

Learn more about satellite data comparisons and Satellite Match


Step 5

Browse GLOBE's collection of all processed ground observations dating back to 1995.

Start exploring the NASA GLOBE Cloud Protocol archive.

GLOBE members can also explore NASA GLOBE Cloud data through maps, graphs, charts and downloadable files for spreadsheet software through the following resources:




For further questions about any of the steps above, contact the NASA GLOBE Clouds Team.

For any issues with a GLOBE account, email