Participation FAQ's NASA GLOBE Cloud

1). How can I participate and submit cloud observations? 

2). What is the GLOBE Clouds Protocol?

3). What does it mean to be trained in the GLOBE Clouds Protocol?

4). I am ready to start taking cloud observations. When should I take the observations?

5). What happens to my cloud observations once I submit them to NASA?

6). I am a teacher and want to incorporate cloud observations with my students. How should I do it?

7). I am an educator without a classroom, but still interact with students and the general public. How can I do cloud observations?

8). I am an enthusiast and would like to make cloud observations. How can I submit observations if I’m not a student nor an educator?

9). What is a satellite overpass? Where can I learn more about satellite overpass times?

10). What if I cannot make observations during a satellite overpass, can I still make cloud observations and submit them to NASA?

11). What is a satellite match email?

12). How can I stop receiving satellite match emails?

13). How do I read the satellite match table? How can I tell if my observations are correct?

14). Where do I find the satellite images? How can I learn how to read them?

15). Why are my cloud observations important to NASA?

16). Why is NASA interested in cloud observations? What is the Earth’s Energy Budget?