I am Sylivester Chaisamba from Tanzania, now I am expanding my professional horizon by pursuing further studies in China. Sylivester graduated Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering (2006) from University of Dar Es salaam, Dar Es salaam-Tanzania and Bachelor of Science Honours in Meteorology (2010) from University of Pretoria, Pretoria- South Africa.

My curiosity with GLOBE program emanated after attending a talk about GLOBE Africa activities presented by GLOBE Africa Director (Mr. Mark Brettenny) at the 6th International Geoscience Education Conference held at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg-South Africa in 2010. Later, I was invited to participate as a scientist in Mount Kilimanjaro Learning Expedition Project organized by GLOBE Africa in Arusha-Tanzania in 2010 and 2011.

During that time, I developed a lot of interest in the study of interaction of local forcing and external forcing to climate variability and climate change on high towering mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since 2012, I became a professional meteorologist with expertise in areas such as Meteorology, tropospheric ozone and climate variability & change.

In 2012, I was nominated to serve in the GLOBE Program Science Advisory Committee which was changed to Science Working Group. Indeed, I am extremely excited to continue serving in the GLOBE Science Working Group which inaugurated in New Delhi, India in 2014.  Currently, I am involved in researching the dynamics and variability of tropospheric ozone and climate variability &Change.


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