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GLOBE Taiwan Office hosted 2019 GLOBE Taiwan Special Event during 17-19 December 2019. With the support of Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), we invited two trainers, Mr. Peter Falcon and Ms. Dorian Janney from USA, to hold a one-day STEM Education workshop for teachers and deliver two science talks for students.

On December 17, two trainers shared their knowledge about the application of NASA Satellite data and GLOBE observation data on science teaching. In the morning, Dorian introduced how NASA monitors the worldwide precipitation by GPM and Peter shared how the SMAP satellite measures the soil moisture. They strengthened the importance of observing the precipitation and moisture which help us to realize the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. In the afternoon, they taught Taiwan teachers how to do atmosphere and mosquito observations through GLOBE Observer App.

On December 18, Peter and Dorian visited one GLOBE school, New Taipei Municipal New Taipei Senior High School, and discussed with students about their science investigation reports. Students told us that teachers trained them to show the learning environment of earth science, biology and astronomy to the public. They constructed the knowledge through explaining it again and again.

On December 19, Peter and Dorian delivered two science talks and interacted with Taiwan students. They promoted the GLOBE observer app and encourage students to learn science and do science investigations. Students were very interested in what they have been working on in NASA and GLOBE Program. All in all, there were about 30 teachers and 250 students joining this event. type: globe-news

News origin: Taiwan Partnership