I've been digging through my Inbox, trying to clear out some of the large files from the past. I'm at a critical point as these files are triggering invitations to buy more space for storage. Rather than doing that, I'm deleting instead!

But during this process, I've come across some resources and discussions that I always seem to forget exist already on the GLOBE website. I thought that perhaps I'd write a couple blog posts and point out some of these for anyone following my blog.

This first one is a training agenda from 2003! A group of us were invited to Washington, D.C. to work on inquiry-based training agendas for each topic-area. The one I was involved with centered around studying Land Cover, now Biosphere. As a former teacher, I thought that this may be the scaffolding of a lesson or unit. What do you think? How would you modify it for 2018? Many schools might be able to add more use of technology. Does anyone have an overhead projector anymore?


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