Summer Update

Go backs on fall, winter and spring too!

It's been a while since we shared daily activities from the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office! We've had a busy fall, winter and spring. Now that summer is upon us, things are slowing down and we have some time again to give you an update.


· We are planning the 2023 North American Regional Meeting. A virtual session will be held 01-03 November. We are again planning to hold in-person professional development for Partners as a component of NARM. Stay tuned to see when and where they are!

· With support from the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) and the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) at NASA, the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office is accepting proposals of no more than three pages and $5,000 for the development of small-scale U.S. GLOBE Partnership activities. Successful proposals will take place in the United States and help achieve U.S. GLOBE strategic objectives and contribute to the evaluation of the impact of GLOBE. Find the Mini-Grant RFP here

· A new webpage is up that provides details and links to these and other opportunities for U.S. Partners. You must be logged into the GLOBE website in order to access this page. Bookmark it as we expect to update it regularly.

Briefly, here's a summary of what we've been up to since our last update: 

· In January and February, we connected GLOBE educators with the NASA IMPACTS Mission. Educators and students collected weather data (focused on precipitation and air temperature) while IMPACTS flew their research planes through snowstorms. Read a summary of Mission SnowGLOBE

· Throughout the winter and spring, we coordinated with Partnerships to host four regional Student Research Symposia (SRS). The last time we hosted in-person regional SRS was in 2019! We were so glad to see the results of students' research LIVE and IN-PERSON! Read the 2023 SRS wrap-up

· The 2022 U.S. GLOBE Partner Yearbook has been published! Many thanks to the 35 Partnerships that contributed their highlights and photos.

Two U.S. Partners have recently shared stories on their activities: 

· Anne Lewis with the South Dakota Discovery Center has connected NRCS Soil Health Bucket materials with GLOBE protocols and activities. She wrote an article, with links to resources, called Soil Health Buckets: Meet GLOBE

· The New Hampshire GLOBE Partnership has been working with grades 4 and 5 from a Rochester, N.H., school on creating a Water Tent based on the Elementary GLOBE storybook "Discoveries at Willow Creek." The partnership shared an article about the Water Tent project, including photos from three seasons of river studies and a link to a local news story. (Full disclosure: the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office also wears the hat of New Hampshire GLOBE Partnership!

· Other Partnership stories can be found in the newsletter archive; newsletters are sent by region each quarter. 

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