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March GLOBE Tech Update

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As always, GLOBE continues to work to ensure that your “use” of the website, and associated apps, is as user-friendly as possible.  

Enhancements to the GLOBE Program’s app: GLOBE Observer

GLOBE’s data entry process is evolving to give you a new option that is even easier to use: all atmosphere protocols will now be available in the GLOBE Observer (GO) app.  Trained and approved GLOBE members (i.e., those who already have access to the Data Entry app) may submit atmospheric measurements, such as temperature and rainfall, as well as bundle data, directly using the GO app.  Future work will move other existing sphere protocols into the app.

Also, in March, all users (GLOBE-trained and the general public participating as citizen scientists) should notice an update to the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool within the GO app. And, for people who participate in SciStarter, there is now the ability to log their participation in the GO protocols on their SciStarter dashboard account. (SciStarter, a GLOBE Partner, provides a database of thousands of vetted, searchable projects and events through an online citizen science project directory.)

If you have any questions, or need assistance with any of these enhancements, contact the GLOBE Community Support Team (CST) at:


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office