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Today (06 December) Trees Around the GLOBE Webinar: “The State of Trees: December 2022”
The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign will be hosting the webinar: “The State of Trees: December 2022” on Tuesday, 06 December, at 10:30 a.m. ET (03:30 p.m. UTC/04:30 p.m. CET).  >>

New Community Blog: “Does GLOBE Air Temperature Data Show Evidence of Climate Change?”
A GLOBE Community new blog, “Does GLOBE Air Temperature Data Show Evidence of Climate Change?” written by David Overoye (Lead, Data and Information Systems Team; Axient, Pasadena, California, USA) explores GLOBE’s data retrieval systems – and whether or not air temperature data recorded by students in Croatia over the last 21 years shows any evidence of climate change.  >>

Twelve Countries Celebrate Anniversary with The GLOBE Program in December
Congratulations to the 12 GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of enduring success with the program during the month of December.  >>

Today (30 November) Multilingual 2023 IVSS Webinar: “GLOBE Protocol Bundles and How to Make Connections in English, Spanish, and Arabic”
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) is hosting a multilingual webinar on how to use GLOBE Earth as a System Protocol Bundles for 2023 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) projects and to connect with the community. This webinar, “GLOBE Protocol Bundles and How to Make Connections in English, Spanish, and Arabic,” will take place on Wednesday, 30 November, at 10:00 a.m. MST (12:00 p.m. EST).  >>

GLOBE Implementation Office Director Dr. Tony Murphy Presents Special TEDx Talk “GLOBE Community Initiatives”
In a recent TEDx Talk, “GLOBE Community Initiatives,” GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) Director Dr. Tony Murphy discusses the scientific, educational, research, environmental and inspirational impacts of The GLOBE Program.  >>

2022 North American Regional Meeting Overview
The 2022 GLOBE North American Regional Meeting (NARM) took place both virtually 02–04 November and at three in-person professional development workshops 07–08 November. This new hybrid model of virtual and in-person options was chosen in an effort to reach the widest North American GLOBE community audience, while we are still in the midst of the COVID pandemic.  >>

NAZA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE Project Stops Collecting Data on 01 December – But Closes With a Very Successful Story
A recent GLOBE Community Blog, “NASA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE is Closing with a Very Successful Story,” written by Marilé Colón Robles (lead for the GLOBE Clouds Team at NASA's Langley Research Center) provides an inspiring overview of the NASA GLOBE Clouds Gaze project.  >>

GLOBE Implementation Office Closed 24-25 November for Thanksgiving Holiday
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), including the Community Support Team, will be closed Thursday-Friday (25-26 November) to celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. During this time of celebration of appreciation, GIO would like to thank everyone within the GLOBE community for being such an invaluable and integral part of The GLOBE Program!  >>

GLOBE Student Vloggers Focus on Collaboration and Comparison
The current cohort of GLOBE Student Vloggers (GSVs) met in November to continue work on their “collaboration/comparison” videos. (Throughout the year, a selected cohort of GSVs create vlog–style video content for the GLOBE YouTube channel.)  >>

GLOBE Community Contributes Invaluable Data During NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate
The GLOBE Program would like to thank everyone who took, and submitted, vital tree height observations during the NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate. The challenge, which ran from 11 October through 11 November, received 4,753 observations from 754 unique participants, including from 92 GLOBE schools. Those data points spanned more than 1,500 unique sites from 50 different GLOBE countries. The top five countries in terms of observations were: the United States (1,992); Poland (788); Croatia (292); Thailand (172); and the Philippines (167).  >>