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IVSS Submission Deadline is 6 March
Visit the IVSS page to submit projects and to learn more about project requirements and resources.  >>

GLOBE's Year of Climate and Carbon in Full Swing -- Participate Today!
Get out and participate in the YCC campaign, now through August 2024!  >>

YCC Webinar "Trees Around LAC" on 25 March
Learn about the phenology campaign taking place in the LAC region and its connections with the Year of Climate and Carbon.  >>

GISN Social Hour — 28 March 2024
Come and connect with your fellow GISN members to learn about ongoing research and GLOBE connections.  >>

2024 Earth Day Broadcast Theme: "Celebrating the GLOBE Year of Climate and Carbon"
Catch the live broadcast on 22 April where we will celebrate GLOBE’s achievements and all the remarkable work from members and students in the past year.  >>

The 2024 Europe and Eurasia Spring Tree (Phenology) Campaign Starts Now!
Participants need to register by 18 February.  >>

NASA Workshop, 26 March -- Datasets in 3 Minutes or Less
Join NASA Langley’s Angela (Angie) Rizzi and UC Berkeley’s Tracy Ostrom on 26 March to learn how to access, download and use NASA datasets in your instructional practice.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect
Join NASA's Brian Campbell on 8 February for a webinar looking back on the 2023 NASA Moon Trees Quest.  >>

Upcoming GLOBE Cloud Challenge and Total Eclipse Observation
Details on the next citizen science challenge and eclipse observation opportunity coming soon!  >>

GLOBE Student Vloggers -- February Update
Students continue work on their culture vlogs; look forward to them soon!  >>