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Check Out These Newly Updated Pages on the GLOBE Website – Participating in GLOBE Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: The GLOBE Program is engaged in an extensive effort to update pages on the website to help ensure overall accuracy, ease-of-use, and optimum comprehension and communication.  >>

The “Winners” of the 2022 GLOBE Annual Meeting Engagement Games Announced
During the 2022 GLOBE Annual Meeting, which took place virtually from 25-28 July, participants were invited to take part in some playful competition! Participants could maximize their event experience by completing engagement activities for points – and could then watch their place on the “leaderboard” climb.  >>

Today (11 August) GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar: “Pro Tips”
The GLOBE Mission Mosquito (GMM) webinar, “Pro Tips” will be held on Thursday, 11 August, at 02:00 p.m. EDT (06:00 p.m. UTC).  >>

GLOBE Program Items Available at Lands’ End Online Store
A variety of GLOBE program items (including clothing, jackets, and promotional pieces) are available at the GLOBE Store on Lands’ End Business.  >>

Sign Up to Receive the GLOBE News Brief and Other Non-Administrative Communications – Keep Up With All GLOBE Happenings!
Would you like to receive communications from GLOBE? You can. Simply sign up to receive the GLOBE News Brief, letters to the community, news of important GLOBE events and happenings, and other non-administrative messages from the GLOBE Communications Team.  >>

GLOBE Mission EARTH and Aerokats & Rover Educaton Network Collaborate for Second Year
GLOBE Mission EARTH, at the University of Toledo (GME-UT) is extending its collaborative endeavors with the Aerokats & Rover Education Network (AREN) project for the second year.  >>

GLOBE Sponsors Thank Everyone Who Contributed to Goal of Reaching One Million Satellite Matches
“GLOBE has reached yet another milestone....1 million satellite matches....what a productive community effort and thanks to all who contributed,” GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) Director Dr. Tony Murphy said. “We know that the GLOBE community always reaches for the sky. This shows that they also count the clouds on the way! Thanks for all you do for GLOBE!”  >>

Eleven Countries Celebrate Anniversary with The GLOBE Program in August
Congratulations to the eleven GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of August.  >>

NASA GLOBE Reach Goal of One Million Satellite Matches
Thanks to the dedication of the GLOBE community, the goal of reaching 1,000,000 satellite matches has been achieved!  >>

Estonia Welcomes Participants from Nine Countries to GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition 2022
The GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition 2022 will take place in Käsmu, Estonia, from 02-05 August. The event brings together 170 students, teachers, and researchers from Estonia and abroad to Käsmu peninsula, located in Lahemaa National Park.  >>