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December Tech Update

We hope you’ve found some of the recent GLOBE website changes useful – Megamenus, the new Roadmaps section and the new Tutorials section to help guide you through GLOBE’s rich content.

Coming up you can expect to see some additional features on the GLOBE website. For example:

  • The GLOBE Homepage.  

We’ll be adding links on the top of the homepage to lead you to some of the most used areas of the site.  These links will be customized for you (teacher, citizen scientist, guest, student, etc.), so to get the most out of them, make sure you are logged in to the website when accessing its content.

  • Learning Activities

We are redoing the GLOBE Learning Activities portion of the website with a new capability.  All trained users will be able to upload their learning activities to the GLOBE website.  In addition to searching through official GLOBE learning activities, you will soon be able to see other’s learning activities and search and comment.  We hope this will become a robust area of the site where we can all share activities we’ve developed or found useful.

  • eTraining

In addition to GIO’s work revising the eTraining materials (Pedosphere is complete), we will be modifying the eTraining portion of the site to make it easier to understand the requirements and become an eTrained GLOBE educator.

As always, let us know about how the changes are working for you and if there’s something we can do to better support you. Contact the helpdesk for questions, comments, or concerns. 

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office