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Recent Article Discusses the Meaning Attributed to The GLOBE Program by Former Czech Republic Participants – How Did They Interpret the Program?

Cover of The Journal of Environmental Education

A recent article, “The GLOBE Program: Long-term Memories of Program-relevant Experience,” published in The Journal of Environmental Education, discusses a study analyzing the meaning attributed to The GLOBE Program by former participants in the Czech Republic.

The article, written by Karolina Winklerova, Jan Cincera, Sarka Krepelkova, and Roman Kroufek, presents data collected during interviews with 19 adult respondents who had left the program at least five years earlier. According to the abstract, “The respondents interpreted the program as a strong community shaped by routine as well as extraordinary program activities and by their relationships. The respondents linked their GLOBE experience with the feeling of being part of something meaningful. The program provided them with a special privilege to experience something different from their non-participating peers. Their participation in the program influenced the respondents' future life and in some cases their professional career. The study discusses the implications in respect to environmental education practice.”

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