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What’s a Summer Internship at NASA Langley Research Center Like for a K-12 Educator? Read this Community Blog and Find Out!

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In a recent GLOBE Community Blog, GLOBE teacher Vershell Lewis, shares about her experience serving as an intern for the NASA Science Directorate at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, USA.

“Upon entering Langley,” Lewis said, “I was consumed with excitement and apprehension of what would be expected of me as an intern. The feelings of uncertainty subsided as I conversed with my NASA mentor, Tina Hart, regarding what I aspired to learn and experience.”

Lewis explains that during her internship, the Science Directorate provided various interactive GLOBE protocol trainings covering the GLOBE spheres, such as atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. “In addition, the Science Directorate offered outreach workshops to educate teachers, pre-service teachers, students and parents. As an educator with nearly 10 years of teaching experience, I was overwhelmed with excitement when given the opportunity to assist with the outreach workshops.”

In the blog, Lewis said that she accomplished her goal of generating documents that focused on the alignment of standards and classroom implementation. “These documents were created to give teachers, curriculum specialists, administrators, and parents the opportunity to understand what GLOBE is and how teachers can incorporate it within classroom instruction to increase student achievement,” she said. “My experience as an intern for the Science Directorate was awesome! I would highly recommend this summer opportunity to any K-12 educator!”

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