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GLOBE Community: Check Out MUC Field Guide App – Land Cover Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: Did you know that the MUC (Modified UNESCO Classification) Field Guide identifies the land cover classification for a specific location. Check it out!  >>

GLOBE Community Successfully Connects in Connecticut at the 21st Annual Meeting
Approximately 250 participants, including GLOBE students, teachers, scientists, U.S. Partners, and International Country Coordinators from 40 countries connected in Connecticut last week for the 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting and 5th Student Research Exhibition.  >>

Exceptional Citizen Scientist Interest in Eclipse (21 August) May Temporarily Impact GLOBE Data Capabilities and Website – Stay Tuned!
Over 40,000 people have downloaded GLOBE’s Observer app in preparation for the event. To help accommodate eclipse data entry for this large number of people, GLOBE will be focusing infrastructure resources on the Observer/Eclipse and Observer/Clouds applications. This may have a temporary impact on GLOBE visualization and data retrieval capabilities as well as the main GLOBE site.  >>

Get Ready for 2017 Eclipse with the GLOBE Observer App!
Get ready for the upcoming complete solar eclipse (21 August) with the GLOBE Observer App – click here to watch a video showing how you can participate in this incredible event!  >>

GLOBE Announces Site of the 2018 GLE
The GLOBE Program is pleased to announce ....  >>

GLOBE Community: Want to See How Your Cloud Observations Match Up to NASA Satellites? Data Visualization Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: Want to see how your GLOBE cloud observations match up to overpassing NASA satellites?  >>

Used GLOBE’s Data Entry App Version 1.3 Yet? Create and Edit Sites Without Active Internet Connection!
GLOBE Data Entry App Version 1.3 is now available (for Android and iOS) – and it’s all about making data entry easy! This latest version of the Data Entry App allows you to create and edit your sites – even without an active internet connection. This version includes atmosphere, hydrology and land cover sites, and adds the ability to take site photos.  >>

GLOBE Teachers: Have You Used the Advanced Teacher’s Guide Search Tool? Searching Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: The GLOBE Teacher’s Guide Search Tool allows you to search the entire Teacher’s Guide using several different search parameters.  >>

GLOBE is Connecting in Connecticut at the 21st Annual Meeting – Use #GLOBE21 to Keep Up with Meeting Events on Social Media
The 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting and Student Research Experience is now in full swing in New Haven, Connecticut! Hosted by GLOBE Partner Dr. Scott Graves (Southern Connecticut State University) in collaboration with the GLOBE Implementation Office, the theme of the meeting is “Coastal Resilience in Urban Environments.”  >>

July 2017 GLOBE News Brief
July 2017 GLOBE News Brief  >>