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Thanks for Celebrating Earth Day 2017 by Hanging out With GLOBE! Miss the Live YouTube Broadcast? Watch the Winning Student Videos Now!
The GLOBE Program would like to thank everyone who watched the live YouTube broadcast on Earth Day 2017 – where the winning GLOBE student videos from around the world were presented!  >>

Have You Registered for Tomorrow's (25 April) GLOBE ENSO Webinar: “Earth Day Extravaganza” Yet?
Register today for the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign webinar: “Earth Day Extravaganza.” The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 25 April, at 8:00 p.m. EST (12:00 a.m. UTC). You can join this webinar by registering here.  >>

Is There Another El Niño Heading Our Way? Read the Latest GLOBE ENSO Blog and Find Out!
Is another El Niño heading our way? Read the latest GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign blog, written by Dorian Wood Janney, and discover what our “amazing scientific instruments” are able to detect.  >>

Students in Virginia (USA) Participate in 21st Century Community Learning Centers Afterschool Program Using GLOBE Protocols
Students at Hines Middle School in Newport News, Virginia, USA, are expanding their time at school – and their horizons – through the use of GLOBE protocols, all while participating in an innovative afterschool program funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC).  >>

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 (22 April)! Touch the Clouds and #AdoptThePlanet
There are many compelling, enduring, and innovative ways to celebrate Earth Day this year (22 April). The GLOBE Program encourages our community to get involved in two incredible and over-the-top ways to celebrate our amazing planet – “A Day of Cloud Observations” and “#AdoptThePlanet”  >>

Hang Out with GLOBE on Earth Day 2017! Join a Live YouTube Broadcast
Hang out with GLOBE on Earth Day 2017! Help us celebrate the occasion and the passionate work of the GLOBE community around the world.  >>

GLOBE Community: You Can Now Blog On the GLOBE Website!
Tip of the Week: As a vital part of the GLOBE community, you are now invited to blog on the GLOBE website. Respectfully voice your opinion, ask questions, share tips and tidbits – and make meaningful connections with members of the community today!  >>

New Television (PBS) Series “Crowd & The Cloud” Explores the “Revolution” of Citizen Science – Highlights The GLOBE Program and GLOBE Observer
According to the new PBS Series, Crowd & The Cloud, “There’s a revolution happening in science. And, now more than ever, you can be a part of it.” This four-part American public television series, which premiered in April, explores the potential and the challenges of this new revolution – citizen science – and highlights The GLOBE Program and GLOBE Observer (an international citizen science initiative to understand our global environment).  >>

Where Will the Next Generation of Scientists Come From? Recent Article in Environmental Biophysics Looks to The GLOBE Program
In an article published on 10 April, Environmental Biophysics interviewed former GLOBE Chief Scientists, Dr. Dixon Butler in search of an answer to “where will the next generation of scientists come from.”  >>

GLOBE Schools: Register by 15 April and Join a Real Global Experiment – Teatime4GLOBE!
The TeaBagIndex research team (Teatime 4 Science) is inviting GLOBE schools to join a real global experiment where researchers, schools, and farmers reveal important processes in soils and create a global map of vegetative decay that will improve climate modelling and increase understanding of soil health. It’s Teatime4GLOBE!  >>