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Weeklong Data Entry Challenge Begins Monday 18 April
The 2016 Data Entry Challenge begins on Monday 18 April and continues for the entire week up to, and including, Sunday 24 April.  >>

GLOBE Alumni: Join the GLOBE Alumni Organization Today – Paying if Forward Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GISN Alumni – The GLOBE Alumni Organization is a strong network of students who have graduated from secondary school and have the desire and commitment to participate in the activities of the GLOBE Program at a higher level. Join today – and pay it forward within the ever-expanding GLOBE community!  >>

Check Out the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair Reports! Add Your Comments Today!
The 2016 International Virtual Science Fair Reports are now online! See what GLOBE students are learning! Add your insight and support today!  >>

White House Science Fair Broadcast Live on 13 April
On Wednesday, 13 April, the President Barack Obama will host the 6th White House Science Fair, celebrating the student winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competitions from across the United States.  >>

GISN Members: Check Out the GISN Video and Profile Guidelines – Updating Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GISN Members – Have you seen the GISN Video and Profile Guidelines? We invite you to create a two-minute (or shorter) video clip to introduce you and your science to GLOBE students and teachers. GLOBE has created slides that offer you tips and ideas to make this process easy and inspiring.  >>

GLOBE Africa Begins Planning for Lake Victoria Expedition
GLOBE Africa is developing a Lake Victoria Learning Expedition. If all goes as planned, the first expedition will take place in September 2016.  >>

GLOBE on Science Friday!
GLOBE students and partners talk about climate on Science Friday.  >>

GLOBE El Niño Field Campaign Participants: New Blogs and Numerous Resources Await You!
Have you read the latest El Niño Field Campaign blog, “An El Niño Connection, U.S. to Peru and Back,” by Peter C. Falcon? How about Kristen Weaver’s latest blog, “Why do Raindrop Sizes Matter in Storms?”  >>

GLOBE Teacher’s Guide Search Tool – Searching Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE teachers – did you know that there is a quick and easy “Teacher’s Guide Search Tool” available? There is! You can filter your search for keywords and narrow down your search to a particular investigation area using the search filter.  >>

Participating in the GLOBE El Niño Field Campaign? Register as a Campaign Member Today for Personalized Attention
The El Niño Field Campaign Team would like to request that anyone participating in the El Niño Field Campaign register as a campaign member. This will allow the El Niño Field Campaign Team to know who is participating in the campaign, and allow them to reach out directly to campaign members. El Niño Field Campaign Members can also contact the El Niño Field Campaign Team with questions, issues, concern, news, etc. Please register as an El Niño Field Campaign Member today.  >>