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How Do SMAP Scientists Use the Freeze/Thaw Product to Study the Carbon Cycle? Read the Latest Blog and Find Out!
Did you know that the freezing and thawing of our planet's soil can make a big impact on our climate? Read the latest blog, “SMAP Scientist Blog: Dr. Erika Podest, SMAP Scientist, Explains How SMAP Scientists USE the Freeze/Thaw Product to Study the Carbon Cycle!” and see just how important this is.  >>

Register Now for Wednesday’s (06 April) GLOBE El Niño Field Campaign Webinar: “Surface Temperature and Soil Temperature”
There’s still time to register for the 06 April GLOBE El Niño Field Campaign Webinar: “Surface Temperature and Soil Temperature.” This webinar will begin at 8:00 p.m. EDT (12 a.m. 07 April UTC).  >>

GLOBE Training through Eco-Schools USA
Eco-Schools USA presents a free online course opportunity for anyone who uses or will soon be using the Eco-Schools USA program with students in grades K-12  >>

OhioView Summer Opportunity for U.S. Teachers
U.S. Teachers: Join the OHIOVIEW 5–day workshop on geospatial technology. climate change and student research projects.  >>

GLOBE Celebrates Earth Day on 22 April
GLOBE began operations on Earth Day 1995. Join us as we celebrate this special day.  >>

March 2016 GLOBE News Brief
March 2016 GLOBE News Brief  >>

Letter to the Community
Letter to the Community  >>

GLOBE Green-Up/Green-Down Protocol – Data Collection Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE students – as part of your efforts to explore the Biosphere (one of the four Earth spheres The GLOBE Program covers), you can dive into the Green-Up/Green-Down Protocol.  >>

First GLOBE US Regional Science Fair Held at NASA Goddard
NASA Goddard hosted the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regional event in Greenbelt, Maryland on 10-11 March 2016.  >>

Enter the Data Entry Challenge 18-24 April
GLOBE is hosting the 2016 Data Entry Challenge from 18-24 April! Whether you report new data or old, GIO will recognize schools entering the most data during the week. With your help, it all adds up!  >>