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U.S. GLOBE Teachers: Connect Your Students with a Scientist Mentor This Year
The U.S. GLOBE Office, with support from its funders, NASA and YLACES (Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists), has been working to provide opportunities for U.S. GLOBE teachers and their students to engage with scientist mentors from the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN).  >>

Trained in GLOBE? Interested in Becoming a GLOBE Trainer? Apply Now!
Trained in GLOBE? The new GLOBE Trainer application system is now available on the GLOBE website. Trained/verified GLOBE members who are interested in becoming GLOBE trainers can now apply by submitting an application and supporting documents.  >>

GLOBE Community: Are You a “GLOBE Star?” Share Your Story – Inspiration Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: Are you a GLOBE Star? GLOBE Stars are stories of projects, people and extraordinary activities being conducted around the world in connection to GLOBE. These are our GLOBE Stars, the bright lights that spark our imagination and inspire us with news of GLOBE at work in the world. If so, GLOBE wants to hear all about it! Send your story of people, projects, or activities to share on the GLOBE website.  >>

GIO Releases New White Paper: “A Descriptive Analysis of GLOBE Data Collection Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) has released a new “White Paper” entitled, “A Descriptive Analysis of GLOBE Data Collection Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (written by Ksenia Lepikhina and Assistant GIO Director Dr. Denise Yost). The paper takes a global perspective on data entry over the past several years, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.  >>

Monday Update – GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge: Keep it Up! Your Photos Are Making a Difference
The GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge kicked off on Sunday, 25 July, and by Friday, 13 August there were over 5,000 new photos of mosquito larvae, water habitats, and land cover! Your observations are making a big difference, and there are only 10 days left in the challenge (it runs through 25 August).  >>

GLOBE and Baltic sea project camp in Lithuania 2021
The Baltic Sea Project and GLOBE program camp took place last week. Participants from international projects, gathered in a camp in Klaipeda from all over Lithuania to get to know the nature of the Lithuanian seaside and each other better. During the three-day camp, there was no shortage of various outdoor education activities.  >>

How Has GLOBE Impacted You? Share Your Story with the GLOBE Community Via the GLOBE Community Profile Feature!
The GLOBE Program values the level of daily dedication to, and ongoing support of, the program, as well as the enduring quality of the educational, environmental, and scientific contributions of our community members.  >>

GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Is On! Runs through 25 August! Scientists Need Your Photos!
The GLOBE Program would like to invite community members and citizen scientists from around the world to participate in the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge. The photo challenge kicked off on Sunday, 25 July, and by Friday, 30 July, there were over 1,800 photos submitted on mosquito larvae, water habitats, and land cover! The challenge runs through 25 August.  >>

Save the Dates for 2021 North American Regional Meeting (NARM): 12-14 October
The dates for the 2021 North America Regional Meeting (NARM) have been announced: 12-14 October. The U.S. Partner Forum Meeting will take place during the meeting, from 12-13 October. The meeting will be fully virtual this year.  >>

Today (12 August) GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar: “A Malignant Tale – 1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic”
The GLOBE Mission Mosquito (GMM) webinar, “A Malignant Tale – 1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic,” will be held on Thursday, 12 August, at 02:00 p.m. EDT (06:00 p.m. UTC).  >>