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Influence of fertilizers on NH4+, pH and clarity of water
Influence of fertilizers on NH4+, pH and clarity of water

The purity of different water sources
Essential difference between water from different resources

Investigation of a river with no forms of life by students of Dalton Den Haag.
This report covers the students led investigation of a river with no forms of life. With the help of several taken measurements, and the comparison of them, the conclusion was that the algae were the 'letal factor' for the circle of life that has existed in that river.

Hot water exotics
research about hot water exotics near the exhaust pipes of the nuclear power plant in Borssele.

Aerosols in the atmosphere
The aerosols influence on the temperature

Atmospheric Air Pollution of Kyrgyzstan
Air, is the most essential element for all living organisms and yet, most humans play a big role on polluting this essential resource.

Toxic Waste
People encounter these toxins buried in the ground, in stream runoff, in groundwater that supplies drinking water, or in floodwaters. Some toxins, such as mercury, persist in the environment and accumulate.

Environmentally friendly way of improving the productivity of plants often used in agriculture
Project done in 2013 , and participated on INESPO 2013

Changes in land use and land cover in Medimurje between 2000. and 2014. using LANDSAT satellite images
To improve our knowledge about geoinformation systems and cartographic analysis, we decided to conduct a study using LANDSAT satellite images in the study cover and land use Medimurje between 2000 and 2014. Remote sensing is the process of recording and interpreting images from the air or space

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