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Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Mission

The NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission provides measurements of soil moisture and freeze/thaw state.

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Satellite Mission

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Satellite will help us understand natural disasters, water resources, weather & climate modeling, public health, and more

CloudSat Satellite Mission

Through participating in CloudSat, GLOBE students learn how a NASA mission and satellite observations can improve our knowledge of the Earth's energy and water budget.


RT @msteckelberg: @GLOBEProgram How far into the water can you see???

3 days ago

RT @NASAedu: Teachers & Students! Celebrate #Hubble25 today with the @NASA_Hubble National Teach-In, 1p ET: http://t…

4 days ago

RT @grupomarin: Embajador @NoahMamet en @grupomarin P/@GLOBEProgram p/cuidado del #MEDIOAMBIENTE #EarthDay http://…

4 days ago

RT @daklar: @gpandiello @marceduprat @GLOBEProgram @conectadosnfs qué bueno!! Un programa en el que -tarde o temprano- NFS será parte.

4 days ago

RT @anne_c_lewis: Green down protocol @GLOBEProgram

4 days ago

RT @obedullah1: @GLOBEProgram Globe students in the school compound Prince Sultan in Riyadh

4 days ago

RT @um_adbah_: @GLOBEProgram Aisha Bint Abdullah School in UAE

4 days ago

@GLOBEProgram has 100+ partners in the US alone. How many partners are in your region?

4 days ago

GLOBE Teacher's Guide - Soil - newly updated! Protocols and activities about soil moisture, soil ch

5 days ago

Atmosphere activities and protocols - newly updated! Teach about clouds, relative humidity, aerosol

5 days ago

Greetings to the 120 participants of the GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting and student research exhibition now taking place in Taiwan.

2 days ago

Thank you for helping to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The #GLOBEProgram! But the celebrations have just begun – there are many more events taking place around the world throughout the year. What’s going on in your area? To find out, visit

4 days ago

20 years goes by quickly when you’re taking measurements, learning about your local and global environment, and making important contributions to your home – Earth! Thanks for helping us celebrate Earth Week! Visit our new website,, to find out some of the awesome things that we’ve done over the years! #GLOBEProgram

4 days ago

More images of Earth Day activities from the GLOBE Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. Participants celebrate Earth Day by planting native seeds - and having fun! #GLOBEProgram

4 days ago

Photos from the Biosphere portion of the Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA.

4 days ago

Dr. Barry Rock taking time out during the Train-the-Trainer Workshop in South Dakota to listen to presentations during the GLOBE Hangout. #HangoutWithGLOBE #GLOBEProgram

4 days ago

Participants of the GLOBE Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up a nearby stream. #GLOBEProgram

5 days ago

Let us eat cake! Thanks for celebrating The GLOBE Program’s 20th Anniversary with us! #GLOBEProgram #NASA #NSF #NOAA

5 days ago

Directly from Zagreb, Croatia - "School for Nurses Vrapce, GLOBE team, celebrating Earth Day went to visit the oldest tree in the town park, called Grandpa, 500 years old. Students gathered around him like generations before.And nearby is the grandson tree, we took a moment with him, too. It was a really good moment, generations of diferent species reunion (students and teachers, too!!!)"

5 days ago

It’s #Earthday2015, and we’re turning 20 years old! We’re excited to celebrate the success of a science program that has brought people together from all over the world. Thank you to NASA, NSF, NOAA and the US Department of State whose continued support has helped make this program as important as it is today! Visit to learn more about The GLOBE Program. #GLOBEProgram

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