The University of Texas at Tyler GLOBE Partnership provides training and technical assistance to schools and organizations interested in implementing GLOBE. The partnership serves organizations in East Texas Regions V, VI, VII, and VIII. The UT Tyler Partnership specializes in the GLOBE areas of:

  • Atmosphere (Weather and Climate)
  • Landcover and Remote Sensing
  • Hydrology
  • Phenology
  • Student Inquiry
  • Systems

The partnership targets teachers (inservice and preservice), students, and organizations working with K-8 students.  The Partnership has also identified several goals for our GLOBE partnership which are to:

  • Develop a preservice training program as part of the K-12 teacher preparation program.
  • Recruit, train, and mentor local inservice teachers.
  • Provide technical assistance to GLOBE schools in Regions V, VI, VII, VIII.
  • Develop a model GLOBE school in Tyler.

Schools and educational organizations interested in GLOBE in East Texas are invited to contact the UT Tyler partnership.

UT Tyler GLOBE Partnership: 


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Organization Measurements and Accomplishments


  • 102 Teachers
  • 2 Pre-Service Teachers
  • 13,953 Data Entries
  • 52 Schools
  • 2,060 Students
  • 12 Honor Rolls
  • Recognition
  • Most Used
  • Training

Organization Map