Learning Activities

Watershed Dynamics Learning Activities

Module I: Water Availability -- The Water Availability curriculum guide contains teacher information, student activity guides, and student response sheets.  The teacher information will provide details on setup, content tips, and relevant learning outcomes.  The student activity guides will facilitate student use of the GIS and includes questions for students to respond to as they go through the activity.  The student response sheets contain all the questions from the activity guides, but condensed.  The student response sheets make it easy for students to keep all their answers in one place and allow you to reuse the activity guides in different classes.

Module II: Human Impact on the Watershed -- In this module, students investigate human impact on the watershed by studying land cover change over time and evaluating its effect on runoff rates and stream discharge.  This curriculum promotes the use of authentic scientific data and technology in the high school classroom. Students and teachers learn to use FieldScope, a specialized GIS tool developed by National Geographic, to access live scientific datasets and investigate complex earth system science issues like water availability and human impact on flood frequency.