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Lake Erie Western and Eastern Basin Water Quality Comparison

Student(s):Melody Tspranis, Joanne Michalski, Amy Lauer, Pamela Patterson
Grade Level:graduate
GLOBE Teacher:
Date Submitted: 07/23/2020
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This research was about differences in water quality in the eastern and western basins of Lake Erie because water quality affects the quality of life for persons living near the Great Lakes. Algae blooms are more common in the western basin and may be related to water quality as measured in the tributaries. Algae blooms can affect ecosystem and human health. The research question was “Are there differences in water quality measurements in tributaries the eastern and western basins of Lake Erie?” The GLOBE protocols used were dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, and water transparency. Results indicated that more data collection is needed in order to make a correlation with algae bloom differences seen in satellite images.