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Atmosphere Field Guides
Through explorations of GLOBE rain depth data from Africa, students learn about seasonal patterns in locations affected by monsoons. **This activity has an option to get students analyzing data in spreadsheets. The spreadsheet file (and answer key) can be found here:
Atmosphere, Precipitation Learning Activities
Atmosphere, Precipitation Field Guides
Students log atmosphere data using a RainWise automated weather station. A weather station is setup to measure and record atmospheric measurements at 15 minute intervals. These measurements are transferred to your school's computer and then submitted to GLOBE via email data entry.
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Earth As a System Learning Activities
Earth As a System Learning Activities
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Pedosphere (Soil) Field Guides
Students broaden their understanding of the Earth system by expanding their view of the Earth system from the local site to a regional system by identifying the boundaries of a regional Earth system.
Earth As a System Learning Activities
Students examine the inputs and outputs of a regional scale Earth system and predict what would happen to that system if any of those inputs or outputs were changed.
Earth As a System Learning Activities
Students measure the relative humidity using either a digital hygrometer or a sling psychrometer.
Atmosphere, Relative Humidity Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Freshwater Macroinvertebrates, Hydrosphere Field Guides
Students will observe the arrival and departure of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, monitor hummingbird visits to flowers and feeders, and observe nesting behavior.
Protocol Instructions