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Students build geography skills while learning how to find data using the GLOBE Data Visualization tool, sharing what they have learned in a tourism poster for a GLOBE school location.
Air Temperature, Atmosphere, Precipitation Learning Activities
Air Temperature, Atmosphere, Precipitation, Wind Field Guides
Students log atmosphere data using a WeatherHawk automated weather station. A weather station is setup to measure and record atmospheric measurements at 15 minute intervals. These measurements are transferred to your school's computer and then submitted to GLOBE via email data entry.
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Students use GLOBE data and graphing tools to compare the influence of latitude, elevation, and geography on seasonal patterns.
Air Temperature, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere (Soil), Precipitation, Soil Temperature, Surface Temperature, Water Temperature, Wind Learning Activities
An overview of the major components of the Carbon Cycle Project, including learning goals and objectives. Also includes project authorship and citation information.

Teacher Preparation

Carbon Cycle eTrainings
Carbon Cycle Introduction, Standard Site Field Protocols, Non-Standard Site Field Protocols, Carbon Cycle Modeling.

Scientific Inquiry and Research in the Classroom

Introduction to the Global Carbon Cycle

Systems and Models Introduction

NGSS and Standards Correlation Matrix

Curriculum Framing Questions
Examples of Essential, Unit and Content questions for GLOBE Carbon Cycle

Teacher templates
General teaching templates that can be used for formative assessment. Frayer Model, KWL's, etc.

Scientific Process Teacher Guides

Pose Research Questions (pdf)
Develop Investigation Plan (pdf)
Identify New Research Questions (pdf)


Field Wrap-up Questions (pdf)
Field Assessment Questions (pdf)

Excel Sheet Data Entry and Biomass Analysis Templates
Entering data into the GLOBE database also performs these functionalities.

Tree Biomass Analysis Template (xls)
Standard Site Shrub Biomass Analysis Template (xls)
Non- Standard Site Shrub Biomass Analysis Template (xls)
Carbon Cycle Resources
An activity which highlights the importance of learning about the soils on Earth. In this activity students explore some of the many uses of soils, learn the five soil-forming factors, and gain a better understanding of how little of Earth's surface is covered in soil.
Soil Characterization, Soil Fertility, Soil Infiltration, Soil Moisture - Gravimetric, Soil Moisture - SMAP Block Pattern, Soil Particle Density, Soil Particle Size Distribution, Soil Temperature, Soil pH Learning Activities
Pedosphere (Soil) Learning Activities