Are you collaborating with others on the ENSO Campaign?

The GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign wants to hear how you are collaborating with other GLOBE schools – or how you would like to collaborate in the future. Create a slide and send it in by 13 November so that it can be shared during the upcoming 15 November webinar.

What better way to show your students that they are a valuable part of the GLOBE community than by sharing a slide that shows how you are using collaboration as a tool?

The theme of the webinar is “Collaboration." Three GLOBE teachers (Audra Edwards, Peggy Foletta, and Mike Jabot), will share some of their “Best Practices” – and some of the challenges that they have faced when working collaboratively with other GLOBE schools around the world. Participants will also learn how to use the GLOBE collaboration tool to find other GLOBE teachers to work with, and will be given a few ideas for using collaboration in the student research project cycle. A NASA scientist will share how she uses collaboration to conduct her research. Register today to join this webinar!

Even if you can't be present during the webinar, please send in a slide that can be shared during the webinar and posted on our ENSO Student Research Campaign! It’s quick and easy:

  • Click here for directions!
  • Click here for the template!

Please return slides to by 13 November.  

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