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A fourth grade student from Public School 122 (Queens, NY), recently visited NASA Langley for a week. During his visit, he studied the GLOBE Aerosol Protocol. He went outside the Atmospheric Sciences building and collected aerosol data using a Calitoo sun photometer, which measures Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) at three wavelengths: 465nm (blue), 540nm (green) and 619nm (red). After downloading the data measured with the Calitoo to his laptop, the student learned how to access AERONET data. The AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork) project is a federation of ground-based remote sensing...

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Water- essential to life and capable also of causing so many natural disasters.. The ENSO Phase III "Water in our Environment" field campaign will be hosting a webinar this Thursday at 18:00 UTC/1 pm EST which will focus on "Connection and Communication" as we listen to students from Texas and Nigeria share ways they use The GLOBE Program protocols to learn about water in their environment. Feel free to join us as your schedule permits- this will be a great webinar to share with your students! 

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"Much of the U.S. Midwest has received above normal precipitation this winter. A NASA rainfall analysis provided a look at the precipitation that contributed to current flooding." Check it out HERE!  

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The NASA GLOBE Clouds team recently presented a webinar the details of how your cloud observations are matched to satellite data. The webinar, recording found below, also focuses on the importance and quality of the observations, ways that the data can be used by scientists, and current work being done by the team at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. The webinar also highlights newly processed data from the temperature and cloud observations reported for the Great North American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.      See how your data is collected...

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March is National Reading Month in the U.S., which presents the perfect opportunity for learners to explore NASA reading material on a more personal level. The resources highlighted on NASA Wavelength - a digital library for educators of all levels - at are grade-appropriate reading opportunities that feature engaging and educational science stories and articles.  And they can be used anytime – not just in March.   Books highlighted include Elementary GLOBE storybooks with learning activities for children, which you are...

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