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Ever wonder what it might be like to work for NASA? This year at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Annual Meeting (kind of like a huge IVSS as it is virtual this year), NASA shared a wealth of resources to help anyone interested in working with or for NASA to "find their place"! Take a look at this site and explore the myriad of amazing opportunities and programs that exist for a wide variety of different audiences. These programs range from research and learning opportunities to  being engaged by being a part of The GLOBE Program! So check out the " Find Your Place " ...

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I just updated HoloGLOBE to v1.0.2. For those of you new to this app, HoloGLOBE brings NASA and NOAA visualizations of the Earth to the palm of your hand through augmented reality (AR). You can read more about the app here: In this latest release, I have added play/pause functionality to the MyNASAData module. The MyNASAData is essentially an augmented reality version of GLOBE's Earth System Poster. In addition the new ICESat-2 module has been added. The ICESat-2 module was built by Emme Wiederhold, a ...

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