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ALIA, along with the Australian Space Agency and The Office of the Chief Scientist, and with help from Science Time From Space, is very excited to be able to bring an additional science and educational component to NSS 2021 – a science experiment from the International Space Station!The experiment is designed to shed some light on the important issue of climate change. The science concept shown will be that changing the surface of Earth results in changes to sun/earth/space heat balance. When we change the surface of the Earth from trees, oceans and dirt to concrete, bare fields and roads...

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I am so excited! This Thursday April 15 at 10am MT/12pm ET, the GLOBE program will celebrate National American Sign Language (ASL) Day! My friend Jillian Anderson and her students will give us a brief intro to ASL. They will also teach us how to sign some of the terms we use in GLOBE in ASL! I first met Jillian in 2018 when I was a GLOBE Air Quality intern at NASA Langley, under the mentorship of Dr. Margaret Pippin. I asked Margaret if I could invite the Lexington School for the Deaf to participate in the US GLOBE Air Quality Student Research Campaign. Margaret said "yes" instantly. I then...

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ورشة دليل الطالب الى براءة الاختراع قدمها مختصين من مكتب الامانة العامة تبراءة الاختراع في دول مجلس التعاون

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Have you participated in the most recent GLOBE survey yet? Please join us in sharing your thoughts about how we can move forward to create a more inclusive environment in which everyone, everywhere, is recognized as a valued contributor!  Please take the survey in your preferred language by 20 April 2021:Arabic/عربىCroatian/HrvatskiCzech/ČeštinaEnglishFrench/FrançaisPortuguese/PortuguêsSpanish/EspañolThai/ไทย

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The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs gave birth to our planet's tropical rainforests, a study suggests.Researchers used fossil pollen and leaves from Colombia to investigate how the impact changed South American tropical forests.After the 12km-wide space rock struck Earth 66 million years ago, the type of vegetation that made up these forests changed drastically.The team has outlined its findings in the prestigious journal Science.Our team examined over 50,000 fossil pollen records and more than 6,000 leaf fossils from before and after the impact.They found that cone-bearing...

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