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It is pretty neat when you can get two for the price of one- as most teachers can attest to with regard to trying to get everything into their curriculum. Did you know that this year, the FIRST LEGO League's challenge is focused on water. And what could be better, as that water is also the theme of this year's ENSO Student Research Campaign!  The LEGO Challenge Project states: "People use water every day, but they don’t think much about how and why they use water. Whether it’s directly (drinking or washing) or indirectly (manufacturing the products they use or producing food or...

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Observations of daily precipitation have been a part of GLOBE from the beginning. At the start, GLOBE’s participation model was that schools would take measurement following all of the original 17 protocols. Atmosphere temperature, precipitation, cloud, and soil moisture measurements were to be collected daily at a site easily accessible to the school. A permanent installation of an instrument shelter containing a max/min thermometer mounted to a post along with a rain gauge was the expected norm with other measurements taken nearby. Daily temperature and precipitation measurements were to...

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In the Sultanate Of Oman, two GOLBE schools from Al Buraimi Governorate collaborated to implement an environmental study. Both schools are in Al Buraimi state and the distance between them is small which helped the GLOBE students to design and implement their study collaboratively. One of the two schools is a female school (Hafsa bint Sirin School) while the other is a male (Al Khawarizmi School). The GLOBE students discussed some parents’ complaints about the unpleasant smell and taste of tankers' drinking water which made the most of Al Buraimi people to stop using the tankers’ water for...

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EQUIPO HIDROLOGÍA 2017 El equipo GLOBE de Huánuco - Perú, quienes realizan mediciones en el protocolo Hidrología en el sitio de estudio seleccionado cerca a su la ciudad, dicho río es el río Huallaga.   Nuestra zona de delimitación de sitio de estudio, basado en el protocolo establecido -  50 metros.                                                            

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From the start, the measurement of daily maximum and minimum air temperature within one hour of local solar noon has been a key GLOBE protocol. The low cost approach was to use a U-tube thermometer housed in a wooden instrument shelter facing away from the equator. The U-shaped tube contained mercury with pins on either side of the mercury. As the air temperature warmed the pin on one side would move while the other pin stayed in place; when the air cooled, the pin on the other side would be pushed up. The pins were held in place by magnetized strips behind the thermometer tube so that they...

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