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Congratulations to the GLOBE community - the GLOBE Observer app now has over 50,000 registered users!   That of course has an impact on the GLOBE system...We're getting ready for the eclipse right now - we have a few things to do to support everyone.  We're expecting on the order of 50-100 data measurements per second, which could result in 4 million cloud files during the eclipse and a TB of storage.  We'll be adding about 40 servers for just a few days to handle the load, and then ramp back down to our "normal" mode of operations.  We're running through lots of...

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One of the things I do as a GLOBE partner is facilitate workshops for educators. When I facilitate a workshop for credit, I always require a short reflection. I use reflection because when teachers, like all of us, stop and think about what they learned the learning is deeper and more relevant. And, candidly, they are more likely to implement GLOBE into their classrooms. To give participants direction in their reflecting, I use the 4 R model of reflection: review, relate, remark, revise. - Review. Participants review and summarize one salient aspect of the workshop. Discuss one...

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 I was selected as a National Geographic 2017 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow which is a professional development opportunity that provides educators a rich, immersive experience exploring the world to bring back to their teaching and communities. I and two other educators traveled with Lindblad Expeditions around Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland on the ship the National Geographic Explorer, making stops for excursions along the way. I decided to do field work on my Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship because 1) that is what one does on an expedition according to every...

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We are working on a new visualization system.  The new system keeps many of the capabilities of the old "vis" system, but works much better on phones and tablets.  We've tried to streamline and modernize things as well. Take a look at the "beta" version of the system at: Remember - 3 steps to visualizing your data: 1) What data do you want to visualize (Protocol Layers) 2) What date do you want to use to look at the data  3) Click on the data point on the map to see the data. Tell us what you think!  

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Nowadays a very important aspect in education is to work in collaboration with other schools and students. It is important to do good planning and set dates for different collaboration activities. The GLOBE Program provides the opportunity to connect students from all over the world and to work collaboratively with another school. In several schools this methodology of teaching and communication is being carried out. The experience of participating in collaborative work is very important and one of the points to keep in mind is the connection between the teachers to organize it. The...

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