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Anne Lewis inspired me to dig though my archive and highlight some of the resources and links that I have sent along to various members of the GLOBE community. I compiled many of them here. It makes for a very link-heavy blog post but perhaps there are some nuggets in here for you. Representing GLOBE at Workshops and Meetings? If you are attending a conference or meeting and referencing GLOBE, let us know here. NGSS Visually Did anyone else see this article? . A science specialist...

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Hey there all your fabulous GLOBE Teachers and Scientists!!!! We want one slide from you- and here is the template ready to go!- to share either how you are already using collaboration as a tool or how you would like to use this tool in the future!  It is super easy- here are the directions.  What better way to show your students that they are a valuable part of the GLOBE Community than by sharing a slide with us which we will use during our next webinar on November 15th? Our theme will be on "Collaboration" and we will have three GLOBE teachers- Audra Edwards, Peggy Foletta,...

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In my few years as a GLOBE partner I've come to realize that GLOBE is a massive organization that sometimes feels to me like it borders on an organism. Every time I look, there is growth, something new and exciting to take note of. A data quality challenge. Mission Earth. GLOBE branded Lands' End Apparel.   Keeping up is a challenge. I have decided to go on the offensive and to call upon one of the five Superpowers of the Internet: Archiving. Rather than rely on only email to stay in the loop, I am using the GLOBE ecosystem. To wit: I regularly check News and Community...

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A few months ago, scientists and researchers gave La Niña a slim-to-none chance of forming..... BUT..... recent weather and climate models are now saying that La Niña has a 70% chance of taking shape, albeit a weak one. Check out this cool article by NOAA's Climate research group.

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Hello SD GLOBE! You have a few days remaining to participate in October's Earth Science Challenge. Collect and report data twice during the month of October and you will receive a $100 stipend. Congratulations so far to Julie Olson and Lisa Bahe for completing the challenge! Lisa wrote:  ​We were able to get out and get a site picked....  Kids did much better the second day and it went a lot quicker the second time.  We will hopefully try to collect data 2-3 times per month for class. We were able to do cloud cover, air temperature and surface temperature,... they...

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