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This week we are very excited to highlight the work of Ms. Jillian Anderson and her high school students at the Lexington School for the Deaf, in Queens, NY. Ever since they joined the U.S. GLOBE Air Quality Student Research Campaign, they have been going outside to make observations of the atmosphere every day! The students have been submitting both Clouds and Aerosol Optical Thickness observations and we want to thank them for their valuable contribution to science.   We encourage them to keep up their great work and we invite other schools to continue submitting...

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We breathe in the oxygen they produce, clamber up their branches, pick their delicious fruits and sit in their shade – and now it’s time for trees to have the spotlight! NASA’s ICESat-2 mission wants to meet you and your favorite tree. It could be a giant sequoia or a maple sapling, a wetland mangrove or a desert cactus. It could be a favorite climbing tree, a place for reflection, a support for a swing, or anything else meaningful to you. Create a short video starring you and your tree, and it could be included in a NASA video feature on an upcoming citizen science project. In orbit...

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At 5:00pm EDT (9:00pm UTC), we will be hosting the next ENSO Short Observation & Data Analysis (SODA) Webinar: Live from Stratford, Connecticut! The topic being presented by students today is "Does Data Drive Questions or Do Questions Drive Data?" Learn More About it HERE! Join us today at 5:00pm EDT at

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Have you ever wondered how to collect data using a GLOBE protocol and compare that data to that of a satellite flying at over 15,000 Mph (24,140 Kmh)? A group of freshman students, under the instruction of Dr. Jodi Haney, at Bowling Green State University did just that. As part of the ENSO Student Research Campaign, these students conducted research by collecting soil moisture, surface temperature, cloud cover, and relative humidity. Date-stamped comparisons were conducted among all these variables. The student compared several data variables in their research and tied it all into how...

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GLOBE Ghana in collaboration with UNESCO Office in Ghana and Regional Environmental Office for West and Central Africa  at American Embassy Ghana, EPA AND TWUMY Graphy organised this year's Earth Day Celebration on the 24th of April, 2018, under the Theme Connecting the Public and Classroom to Climate Change and Plastic Pollution. About 80 people including GLOBE students, Ghana police and Military Education Directorate, the Clergy, STEM coordinators,  Scientists,  Education Directorsl and many more attended the programme  The Director General of Ghana Education Service...

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