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The GLOBE Clouds team got to celebrate World Meteorological Day with the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Dr. Petteri Taalas through a Facebook live filmed live from NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.    Join the celebration by watching the recorded Facebook live below.     View event on Facebook at -

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Water quality is a very important environmental variable that must be actively monitored. Water quality differs everywhere across the planet and is vital to human health and survival. One of the three ENSO Student Research Campaign's 'Guiding Investigative Questions' says, "What is the quality of water in our environment?" This question opens up a new level of observation, research, and action. Students from around the world are taking measurements through several GLOBE Protocol including, but not limited to: pH Alkalinity Dissolved Oxygen Water Transparency Water Temperature ...

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   Today we will get a closer at look at the values displayed on our Calitoo screen. When you first turn on your Calitoo, you will get a screen like the following: note the serial number of your instrument will be displayed.                After the initial screen, your instrument will display basic information as shown on the following picture (Source: TIP: The temperature displayed by your Calitoo is actually the temperature inside the instrument. When you...

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How often have we heard our country coordinator say that they need us to submit news? I think just about every meeting we have I hear about it. Jen (the U.S. country coordinator) even has a tag line at the end of her emails with a phone number to submit news. I never submit things to GLOBE news because I don’t feel that I do anything newsworthy. I was talking to some other GLOBE partners and found out that they would like to hear more about how we do some things here at the Purdue GLOBE Partnership. Who would have thought we would have been doing things interesting to others? Well news can...

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Bill Smith, left, along with Kris Bedka. The NASA GLOBE Clouds team is excited to share with you this recent news article about two NASA scientists that help match your observations with satellite data - Bill Smith and Kris Bedka. They, along with Louis Nguyen lead SatCORPS, at team at NASA Langley Research Center that use expertise in clouds to make better weather predictions.  Read more about their work at   

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