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As you know, Phase III of the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign is focusing on "Water in Our Environment" through a set of Guiding Investigative Questions. Across our planet, water is used for everything.  Check out this eye-opening Time Series of Global Irrigation and Groundwater Depletion Maps revealing geographical patterns in the use of fresh water for agriculture. The map visualization starts at 1950 and moves all the way through until the projected data to 2082. This visualization shows the importance of water, water availability, and water conservation.

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"Our traverse is complete, our gear has been stored for next season, and we are ready to head north to warmer climates." Check out the adventures HERE!

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Hola a toda la Comunidad GLOBE del mundo, aprovechamos este mensaje para saludarlos y expresarles nuestras primeras palabras a través de este blog. Nos alegra mucho ser parte de esta comunidad motivada por formar a los nuevos científicos Sistema Tierra y que tanto necesitamos. En nuestro país venimos promoviendo ello y estamos seguros que muchas más escuelas y profesores han encontrado en GLOBE una herramienta útil para la enseñanza de las ciencias de la Tierra a sus estudiantes. Desde ya estaremos informándoles sobre nuestras novedades. Por ahora estamos traduciendo muchos materiales al...

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The hotel and dorm rooms are being reserved across the country for the United States Regional Student Research Symposia (SRS). The agendas are roughed out. The speakers are confirming. Students are carrying out GLOBE protocols and analyzing data. Teachers are applying for funding to support team travel (due February 1st). All of this gives me a chance to think about the students that have attended the SRS the past two years. GLOBE Partnership coordinators, GIO and I have met some incredible students and teachers. We'll be posting their stories for you to read too. The first one is already...

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Note: The post below was originally sent out to South Dakota GLOBE trained educators as the Winter E-News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello SD GLOBE Educator! I’m touching base briefly with all the GLOBE goodness happening in our state. Data and Stipends Thank you to those who have entered data for the last quarter of 2017. Those who have reported data are Julie Olson, Vikki Hasche, Jane Amiotte, Deb Springman, Robert Stahl, Jonathan Stahl, Patty Martin. If you entered data and are not listed above, please let me know. If you did not get a chance to enter data, you have another...

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