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Follow two NASA ICESat-2 scientists, Dr. Tom Neumann and Dr. Kelly Brunt, as they head to Antarctica for 2 months to do some preliminary ICESat-2 measurements. They will travel to 88S latitude and collect measurements of the ice sheet elevation around part of the circle at that latitude. We will compare our measurements with those from ICESat-2 shortly after launch to evaluate the performance of the satellite. Click on the blog title below to see Blog 1 from the trip. "Heading South, to New Zealand and Beyond"  

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The GLOBE Clouds team at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA would like to highlight the top observers of 2017! Thank you to all observers for submitting your observations and using the satellite matching of data.   Top 10 cloud observers for 2017   Observer School Country Total Observations Valentina Langiene Zemynos pro-gimnazium Lithuania 1201 Ahmad Alhefzi As-Siddiq Secondary School at Rejal Alma'a Saudi Arabia 1026 Helio Cabral ...

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      Environmental Justice Advocates gather from several states across the Southeast at the Franklinton Social Justice Center in North Carolina to study approaches for appropriate land use management techniques including forestry and agriculture. The FOREST Summit hosted by the Dogwood Alliance emphasized resilience, entrepreneurship and responsible land conservation. The Center for Sustainable Communities, a GLOBE Partner, provided instruction in the use of citizen science in data collection for collaborative problem-solving.  The Environmental...

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At the Annual Meeting in Connecticut this summer, I asked the United States GLOBE partners and teachers to write down one GLOBE-related accomplishment on an index card. It could be either professional or personal, something that was time-consuming or one that took minutes. Whatever it was, it had to have made them proud or excited about their year in GLOBE. The responses are below:   One of the 21CCLC (after school) student groups that I worked with attended and received a Science Research Award at the SRS in New Jersey. Wrote an article on Education Outreach - various activities...

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a hearing entitled "Gravity Never Sleeps: Landslide Risk Across the Country"at the Rayburn House Office Building that was intended to inform our lawmakers and government officials about the impacts of landslides in many parts of the United States. As the topic is related to our guiding investigative question for the ENSO Student Research Campaign- "What impacts does water, above and below ground, have on our environment?", I thought I would share some of the things that I learned. Jonathan Godt, the Landslide Hazard Programs Coordinator for the...

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