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Written by Pegi Pavletić, Croatian GLOBE Alumni   Four years ago, as a Croatian GLOBE team of Medical high school in Rijeka, Megi Pavletić, Dina Bolkovac, our professor Tatjana Holjević and I, Pegi Pavletić visited 2nd Student research exhibition in Maryland, USA. That was an exciting opportunity for us as students in medical branch of studies, to experience ecological experimental work and gain further knowledge. That is where we stepped into contact with Hawkins school in Texas and their GLOBE team: Madison Jaco, Hope Hughes, Allyson Edwards and their mentor Audra Kay Edwards. They...

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Written By Vaibhav  Chakraborty New Delhi, India It’s been almost 5 years since I first met these lovely people from Hawkins, Texas at GLOBE conference in New Delhi. At that point if someone would’ve asked me whether it’s a long run friendship or just a temporary meeting, but soon it turned out to be one of the best thing to have happened to me. While working on water and soil protocol as a part of GLOBE project, our respective schools scheduled Skype sessions so that we could exchange our data and be able to measure the differences between our data and draw a conclusion. Soon I...

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Written by Madison Jaco, GLOBE Alumni Hawkins Texas   I have just finished up my first year at the greatest university in the world, Texas A&M (Gig ‘Em!), with the goal of earning my Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus on Politics and Diplomacy and a French minor.  Any time I tell people that, they are shocked.  “How did you ever get into that coming from such a small town in East Texas?”  I usually answer this with a follow up question.  “Ever heard of the GLOBE Program?” Then I go into my spiel.  I tell people all about the...

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"There is an increasing chance (~55-60%) of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter 2017-18." says the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. "Over the last month, equatorial sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were near-to-below average across the central and eastern Pacific Ocean (Figure 1). ENSO-neutral conditions were apparent in the weekly fluctuation of Niño-3.4 SST index values between -0.1°C and -0.6°C (Figure 2).    

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Croatian GLOBE community has been organizing Science Fairs for the past 18 years, with the goal to encourage and promote students' research projects. Each year the judges select 30 - 40 school projects for the presentation at the GLOBE fair and for publishing on Croatian GLOBE website . Among the projects at the fair, there are always several joint school projects. Usually, collaborating schools are from the same region, which gives them the opportunity to meet face to face and organize joint fieldwork or working sessions. Furthermore,...

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