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Check out the wonderful ENSO Introductory Video from the National Weather Service Office in Bismarck, North Dakota. USA! Also, to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the science of ENSO, please visit our friends at the State Climate Office of North Carolina. The have some excellent ENSO information, with links to some pertinent external expertise.

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Heavy rains, floods and thunderstorms have affected thousands of families in Perú since January 14th, 2017. Apparently, Peruvians were not prepared to face this strong natural events as well as their later consequences: Overpopulation of mosquitos that spread dengue and other diseases as chikungunya virus, reduction of some important crops (rice, banana, yucca, yellow corn, avocado, cotton, asparagus, sugar cane, mango, grapes, alfalfa and lemon) (El Comercio, 2017a) and damages in many public facilities (bridges and roads) and private property (houses) - 100000 victims, 157000 houses...

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In the fall of 2016, the students in my Weather and Climate class, GEPL 4490/5490, at the University of Toledo developed projects based on El Nino. The students in class were give the task to look at GLOBE data from a part of the world in which El Nino has an effect. The students were also tasked to do research on El Nino and La Nina to see what it is.   The students looked at the following locations: Taiwan 2015 – Nicole Jablonski, Bailey Hafner, Cortnee Halpin Japan 1998 – Sean Smith, Australia 1998 – Madhusanka Jayawardhana, Josh Coll, and Justin Maluchnik As you can see in...

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Scientists rely on research, statistical models, and climate forecast models to help them determine upcoming natural events. Currently, scientists are have a difficult time deciding if and when the potential big El Niño event will happen. It will happen in 2017, but will it be the Summer or Fall? "Right now, many climate forecast models do predict the development of a full-fledged El Niño during this summer or fall. It’s likely that these models are acting on the much warmer-than-average waters near the coast of South America—the “Coastal El Niño" says Anthony Barson in his NOAA...

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